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Altitude | Scottsdale – Phoenix, AZ

on July 25 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Phoenix | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 67.5%

Service: 75%

Vibe: 85%




Altitude is a roaster in Scottsdale.   They have a Joper Roaster at the store. This is a nicely designed coffee house and has equally well designed interior space as well as exterior space. When I went in Oct, the outdoor space was perfect for the dry Phoenix fall season to sit outdoors.   The store takes advantage of the space to do some basic education on coffee and its origins. Because they have been well established and serving the area for a long time their roast profile is distinctively more traditional and a lot of people like and prefer this.   As a store, they have one of the best store designs and I would not hesitate to go there to hang out.

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