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Antipodean |Sheung Wan- Hong Kong

on December 10 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Hong Kong, International | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 67.5%

Service: 60%

Vibe: 70%

1 Short Macchiato, 1 Piccolo



The first time I tried to go was this past Sunday. All the literature says its open at 9am Sundays but when we got there at 10am there was still no sign of life. Another couple came by as we peered in, and they just laughed and said that the place is often never open when it says it’s open. They just quickly walked off and I saw them later at Deadend Cafe nearby. I went to Lof10. That was not a good first impression.

Today I went at noon just to make sure they were open. The place is decorated nicely. Looks cute. The hardware is good. They have a Strada EP.

As for the software. The people factor, the customer interface, the warmth and the non coffee related experience. There really was not much of an experience.

I can tell they make nice baked goods on site. Great touch. But I was there for coffee. My extraction was light, the crema thin, the taste hmm let’s just say watery. All in all, for what a Strada EP can and should do for an espresso shot, this was disappointing. I could not tell which part of the following was off – whether it was the grind, the tamp, dosing, the pre-infusion, or the infusion. But it was off.

Anyway it is such a shame to have such a nice space in PoHo and not work through the controllables. Business is hard enough even when you get everything right. In the end, isn’t any business a people business?

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