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Café Grumpy | 39th Street NY – New York, NY

on July 30 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, New York | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 80%

Service: 80%

Vibe: 87.5%



An orange Synesso sits at the front.  Who could miss that?

They currently have 2 espresso roasts.  1)  A blend of called Heartbreaker with Guatemala and Ethiopia and 2)  A single origin called La Bolsa with a Guatemala bean.   Both roasts are much lighter than say a Stumptown or a Intelligensia.  It is actually creamy blond looking.   But the nuances are very transparent and come through quite well.   Nor is the lightness a lacking of flavor.   It was very flavorful.

Shaak pulled 2 shots for me, of both espresso beans and they were well executed!    I enjoyed my time there that I went back on the 3’rd day.   And of course in NY, there are tons of coffee places to visit.


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