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Coffee Assembly | Hong Kong

on January 7 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Hong Kong, International | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 75%

Service: 80%

Vibe: 80%



Coffee Assembly a retail coffee store on Elgin Street is part of a roasting and retail coffee group of stores. Felix Wong is one of the key pillars of this group. Cafe Corridor at Causeway Bay is one of the stores as is Caffee Essenza.

The expresso blend is the same blend that they use at Cafe Corridor. But the extraction does come off differently because Lily is just a bit more precise and more exacting. “Please do not speak to me when I am doing your coffee” That is not to mean that she is unfriendly, she is just focused.

The place is not impossible to find, but the sign for the second floor space is small and does take some deliberate hunting to locate.

Once inside, the space is small but comfortable. Lily is the only barista there on Sunday when I went. So it took a while to get our 5 espresso based drinks.

She doses more precisely, tamps more deliberately and finishes the extraction with more than decent latte art. All in all, I had a decent cup of coffee there.

I think the beans and their consistency are the limiting factor for now thus my 7 for coffee. If the service were faster, I would have given the place an 8 instead of a 7 for service. The atmosphere while nice and casual was a bit disheveled feeling, hence my 7.

There are so many coffee shops within 1/4 mile of Coffee Assembly. Hazel and Hershey is closest. Lof10, Deadend Cafe, Antipodean, Cupping Room, & Coco Espresso are just some of the few within 10 mins walking distance.

I believe that they need to up their game in each category in order to stay ahead of the onslaught of competition and of the higher rents that landlords extract. They have a good following, it needs to get bigger and more loyal.

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