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Coffee House Cafe | Plano – Dallas, TX

on June 1 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Dallas, Texas | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 65%

Service: 70%

Vibe: 75%

1 Cappuccino, 1 Doppio, 1 Espresso, 1 Long Macchiato



This is a suburban coffee shop that is dog friendly. They have a great patio that has an outdoor fireplace and plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy your breakfast with fido.

The owner is an independent restaurateur and for that I give her kudos for opening up a great place for suburban families to hang out and have breakfast.

Their coffee should be better. Even the best equipment needs constant tuning. In this area they fall short. Their baristas are not well trained and not yet experienced enough. Ask them how many ounces of coffee goes into their doppio, and they cannot tell you. They have a Strada, but is it not a finely honed machine yet.

For the location and where it is at, they offer very good coffee. But they are better as a restaurant than a coffee house. They have the right ingredients to be up there for their coffee, but need better staff or much more training.

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