Congrats to Gornado for being acknowledged as one of the top 25 top contributors for Beanhunter in 2013.   Over 100 separate independent coffee stores were visited and hundreds of photos loaded.   But nothing beat the simple pleasure of just being able to savor a great cup of espresso and conduct some geeky coffee talks with independent owners or barristers that have honed in their craft.

The mission of finding and sharing great coffee wouldn’t be possible without the Beanhunter community who submit cafes, write reviews and add photos of the beautiful drink that is coffee! It is thanks to each of you, that we can easily find the best cafes and coffee shopsaround the world. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Beanhunter this year!

We thought it would be worth highlighting the top Beanhunter contributors for 2013 and thank them for their efforts. If you’re looking for some new people to follow, then why not start with this list?

Here are the top Beanhunter contributors for 2013:

  1. tesspresso (Melbourne)
  2. benreeson (Melbourne)
  3. Thundergod (Sydney)
  4. Justicewell (Sydney)
  5. Adam (Sunshine Coast)
  6. Yarrow (Sheung Wan)
  7. keenbeans (Melbourne)
  8. Bung (Sydney)
  9. MotomiS (Brisbane)
  10. AdamThomson (Brisbane)
  11. ichiban (Sydney)
  12. crawford (Melbourne)
  13. aramsay (Melbourne)
  14. Kazbahtoo (Brisbane)
  15. TheHollyBean (London)
  16. meloduh (Sydney)
  17. petehare (Melbourne)
  18. KieranAllen (Sydney)
  19. doubleshot (Newcastle)
  20. SicilianEspresso (Brisbane)
  21. Gordon88 (Dallas)
  22. katunX (Melbourne)
  23. JonnyB
  24. GeoffC (Sydney)
  25. TheRev (Adelaide)
  26. Cayman (London)
  27. WellGroundEd (Gold Coast)
  28. nsolutions (Sunshine Coast)
  29. Gusmos (Sydney)
  30. BeanFIRE
  31. jerseymilk
  32. ben1974 (Brisbane)
  33. BlueBoy03 (Melbourne)
  34. figandfeijoa (London)
  35. jaHawk
  36. riccolo (Perth)
  37. Runrabbit
  38. didups (Brisbane)
  39. PeaKaye (Brisbane)
  40. Danesir (Sydney)
  41. cjourneyman (Gold Coast)
  42. elwood (Melbourne)
  43. marvel (Sunshine Coast)
  44. MrsMacchiato
  45. sierra83 (Sydney)
  46. willbrenton (Perth)
  47. NigePresto (Melbourne)
  48. chap6595 (Melbourne)
  49. Pistolpete (Gold Coast)
  50. Trevorscott (Adelaide)