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Contraband Coffee | Nob Hill-San Francisco, CA

on November 18 | in California, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, San Francisco | by | with No Comments

1 Espresso, 1 Long Macchiato, 1 Cappuccino



This cafe has its own recipe of beans and roast profile. They have an amazingly dialed-in 2 group Synesso. Their baristas know coffee, talk coffee and more importantly know how to extract a great shot.

My single origin from Ethiopia was predictably more floral but not overwhelmingly sweet. It was complex and buttery. My second shot of their espresso blend was equally syrupy and chocolate like with just a slight bit of bold but no hint of burning or over-roasting.

They serve Dynamo Donuts. Try the bacon donut. I know sounds gross, but that is their claim to fame. The salted caramel is pretty awesome too.

What is there to say? A great neighborhood cafe run by coffee lovers. I was taken care of by Josh and George. It was great!

I highly recommend this place if you get off on the slow drip of an espresso from the portalfilter.

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