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Deadend Cafe | Sheung Wan – Hong Kong

on November 18 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Hong Kong, International | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 75%

Service: 85%

Vibe: 87.5%

1 Short Macchiato



I was walking by and missed this place. However I noticed a bakery and could smell the sweetness that comes only from fresh made breads. Bread Po Hing Fong is the bakery. It is right next door to Cafe Deadend. They are owned by the same group so while Bread Po Hing Fong is a take out place, you can sit down and eat their breads next door at Dead End Cafe.

I ordered my Espresso Macchiato dosed at 19 grams. They use beans from Hazel and Hershey, a local HK roaster that also has their own shop. It’s a bit of a darker roast and would taste richer with drinks that incorporate more milk or froth. The Nuova Simonelli was pretty dialed in and gave me a thick rich shot.

The food is very good, and I had a house cured smoked Norwegian salmon (cured with beet juice so it reddish) in a baguette from next door accessorized with pickled orange peel and dill. It was excellent.

All in all a great place to site and have coffee and some great snacks. That’s a strong combo!

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