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Flea Espresso Bar | Long Beach, CA

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Coffee: 87.5%

Service: 90%

Vibe: 82.5%



Jordan Pinches is the owner. He operates a small store on the side of the historical Art Theatre on 4th Street just East of Cherry in Long Beach.

Jordan is unique. He is a coffee geek and wants the best shot possible. But he also wants to be able to serve many different beans from various vendors. Hence “flea”. Instead of jumping from dog to dog, Jordan and Flea jumps from bean purveyor to another. Currently they are serving Rose Park Roasters beans. They are a local Long Beach roastery. Jordan doses 22 grams, and for espressos, uses a naked porta-filter. Jordan has his machine dialed in. The extraction is slow and smooth. Rose Park espresso was bold but not bitter. Jordan uses small cups and his macchiato is just a little bit more than a dollop of foam and milk, and not like a cortado.

He is unique in another way. He knows all his customers by name. Within 30 minutes, I was introduced to a professional photographer, a model and part time yoga instructor and a visual poet.

It felt like home with everyone talking to each other. It’s the size of an elevator cab, but exactly the opposite dynamics. People came in and would say hello to even strangers like me. (So don’t expect Wifi)

I felt super comfortable there and if you like to engage, and have great coffee at a superb price, this is the place to be.

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