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Four Barrel | Mission – San Francisco, CA

on May 10 | in California, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Favorite, San Francisco | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 90%

Service: 90%

Vibe: 90%

2 Cappuccinos, 5 Espressos, 5 Long Macchiatos   10+ Visits



One boar head is missing as is one of the Kies machines, but they have a Strada on the 2’nd line. This place is hopping with customers lined 10-20 deep most all day long. The machines are well used and the barista’s are all very well trained.

There is no skim milk or 2% here. Neither is there any of that fake sugar. So whole Clover milk is standard and brown sugar is a concession.

The place is a great combo of amazing atmosphere, vinyl records, an ongoing roasting operations in the back.  Mission District cool, great coffee, excellent breakfast treats , some of the most diverse customers and their favorite pets.  This combo is hard to beat!

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