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Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse | Plano – Dallas, TX

on May 6 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Dallas, Texas | by | with No Comments



Melissa the owner spent the first part of her adult life as a surgery nurse. With her boundless energy and good cheer, she found this quaint location on Avenue K in Plano and opened a friendly and cute coffee shop.

Now one does not have to drive downtown or to Oakcliff to get a proper cup of coffee. She get her beans from a local Dallas roaster, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters. 

Then to coffee, she has various teas, and sweets and even pies from Emporium pie! 

This really is a one stop shop place that one can relax, hang around and feel comfortable. 

Congrats Melissa on a wonderful shop. And if you are on 75 north of 190, go by and bypass the chains. You can tell the creativity and the life blood poured into this place.

Coffee is a 6 only because the latte art is not quite up to snuff. Then there is a natural limitation in that the beans from Oak Cliff Coffee even if everything were perfect would in my mind not merit more than a 7.5. The place more than makes it up with a great atmosphere and service.

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