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Fuel Espresso | IFC – Hong Kong

on January 3 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Hong Kong, International | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 80%

Service: 80%

Vibe: 85%

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Fuel at IFC is a nicely done HK power coffee place. It is well decorated in the expensive upscale Mall/Retail style. It has 2 Triple La Marzoco’s FB 80’s and they serve a lot of coffee. Their machines are dialed in, and in use constantly.  I found the extraction to be pure and velvety.

No complaints about the coffee, they have many choices of long/short/creamy/milky/frothy combo’s of espresso and other drinks. This place offers a great coffee/espresso at a decent price. It is comfortable and handsomely decorated. A great place to go when you need a boost from all that shopping!

Sole negative: Kind of grumpy counter people when they say “no no to pictures” a uniquely HK type thing. Who cares, is it not the coffee? Like that would make the difference when people want to copy you and take pictures clandestinely anyway.

Would recommend the place. It’s in the middle of Central, great coffee, and its a comfortable setting

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