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Gimme Coffee – New York, NY

on July 30 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, New York | by | with No Comments



I had so much bad coffee the day I went to Gimme Coffee that I was really wanting good coffee.   So I got one version of the meaning of the name it my own personal way.   GIVE ME SOME GOOD COFFEE or in short Gimme Coffee.

I had just finished watching the world cup finals between Germany and Argentina.   So I not only needed good coffee the game with extra time made me really crave the coffee.

Won and Renee took care of my coffee needs.  I had 2 shots of espresso.   One their standard leftist blend and the other a single origin.

Ah, a local roaster, an upgraded Strada from an FB80, shots of sparking water, a great staff and good service.  What more can you ask?   Gimme MORE!

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