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Gimme Coffee | Williamsburg – New York, NY

on August 4 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, New York | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 80%

Service: 70%

Atmosphere: 80%



Gimme Coffee is opening small stores all over the NY and Brooklyn area to the benefit of all coffee lovers. They are NOT from NYC, but upstate to being with. But we are glad that they have decided to move into the big apple.

Their basic espresso “Leftist Espresso Blend” is quite balanced and flavorful.

This store on 6th and Roebling is an easy walk from the center of Williamsburg.

The coffee and extraction is very consistent with their other locations. Kudos to that.

This is one of 2 locations in Brooklyn so go by. While small, it has seating for about 12-14 indoors and 6-8 outdoors.

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