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Global Peace Factory | Frisco – Dallas, TX

on May 6 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Dallas, Texas | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 70%

Service: 70%

Vibe: 80%



Bernard Nussbaumer latest venture into food and beverage in the Dallas area takes him to Legacy Drive in Frisco.

They have picked up coffee beans by Caffe D’arte a Seattle based Italian style coffee roaster. They use a Nuova Simonelli machine which should be able to be dialed in well enough (The brand sponsors the world barista championships)

But atlas the dearth of experienced baristas in the Dallas area made my cup of coffee pretty average even for the nascent Dallas coffee scene. The milk was treated poorly and the frothing and latte art non-existent.

Having said that, the store is new and the concept refreshing. Decorated in bright orange by Michelle Nussbaumer, it is comfortable and has seating in a mezzanine area and on the ground floor.

They serve other food items and fresh juices. So when in Frisco, not a bad place to check out.

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