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Happy Coffee Co. | South Broadway – Denver, CO

on September 12 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Colorado, Denver | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 82%

Service: 81%

Vibe: 74%

1 Short Macchiato, 1 Long Macchiato - 1 Visit



They use a La Marzocco 2 group Linea. While there are better ones, the equalizing factor is that their baristas understand the difference of extraction in higher altitude. From allowing the beans to age and gas out, to dosing at 23-24 grams and getting the water temperature right for Denver’s altitude, they get coffee.

Rather than be all things tp all people and roast their beans, they use Heart Beans from Portland for the espresso drinks and Four Barrel beans for their pour over.

This was my first coffee stop in Denver out of 8 places in 3 days. And I was not disappointed. The coffee was good and the latte art kept pace.

This is a cute and comfortable coffee house. Non pretentious, neighborhood feeling, and just relaxing.

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