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Hazel & Hershey |Sheung Wan- Hong Kong

on December 10 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Favorite, Hong Kong, International | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 85%

Service: 85%

Vibe: 85%



They are one of the very few coffee houses that roast on site. Rent is so expensive that it is probably cheaper and more effective to put seating that a roaster. But they do this to control quality.

They use a Nuova Simonelli and it is fairly dialed in. I had a choice for my espresso 2 beans. One called “H2 Sweet” (Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Columbia) and the other “Combo” (Columbia, Mandheling–Sumatra, Bolivia). Incidentally Deadend Café uses Hazel & Hershey’s “Combo” beans.

The store is again on a side lane in Sheung Wan. But there is a lot of competition coming and some are heavyweights.

I think they are a purist in terms serving coffee and focusing on coffee related products. They have one wall lined with all kinds of coffee gear and the various beans that they roasts. That is impressive. You will see it in the post pictures.

They also have a nice side patio. So it is relaxed and just a pleasant place to hang around.

The place is all coffee and I like that. I do wish that their baristas to be a bit more friendly. But if you are a coffee lover and geek, this should be very high on your list in Hong Kong.

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