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Houndstooth Coffee | Dallas, TX

on September 10 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Dallas | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 85%

Service: 90%

Vibe: 85%



Aug 14th, 2014 – Grand Opening Day and Dallas again raises the bar and ups its coffee offerings.

By noon, Sean Henry was in need of more than coffee to perk himself up with the successful opening of Houndstooth.   Congrats on a smashing success.

As for me, I did not have to get ready for a 6:30 am opening, so I could leisurely walk in and get my double double and a cappuccino (for latte art).

There I got to meet Jonathan Aldrich, the guru roaster for Tweed Roasters.   He was at hand at the opening. The coffee is as beautiful as the packaging!

Also at hand were some of the best barista’s in Dallas.   Sean got a great bunch of them behind the counter. I recognized many of them from the various other cafes they used to be at.   Talk about a great recipe for success.   A great store, experienced ownership, great beans, experienced baristas……….Yes I do miss the Mistral that commands center spot in Austin.   But the mistral is but one of several components that allow for a great pull of a shot.  So many places have the right beans and machines yet extract a mediocre shot.   Houndstooth Dallas is not one of them, they have it all in spades.

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