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Joe Pro Shop + HQ | Manhattan – New York, NY

on June 12 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, New York | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 80%

Service: 85%

Vibe: 70%

1 Cappuccino, 1 Espresso, 1 Long Macchiato - 1 Visit



In Manhattan, one can go to the southern tip around Chelsea and get great coffee without having to take the tube over to Brooklyn.

Joe Pro Shop is a little different from their other retail stores. Those are geared for the fast paced let me drink and swallow my shot ASAP. Joe Pro is located in a quiet street and is almost not obvious until you land right on top of it. It’s there.

So instead of the craziness of typical NY, you can talk coffee here. Their baristas know their coffee and the drinks are well done.

Like most people say, the only negative is that it is very small, and there are not a lot of seats to hang out. But if you are a purist chasing coffee, that would not be a big deal.

They have lots of coffee accessories so if you need coffee related supplies, this too is the place to go

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