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Lex Coffee | Kennedy Town – Hong Kong

on July 27 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Hong Kong | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 70%

Service: 85%

Vibe: 85%



Lex is part of a large consortium. So typically, that means to me that the art form of coffee may not be the most paramount goal. But when I walked into the establishment in Kennedy Town, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had 2 world renowned beans from 2 very well respected farms from Panama. One of them my son had visited with in Panama personally. They had beans from Elida Estates (Elida natural) and from Auromar Estate (Ironman natural). At first glance it seems that $8 and $10 USD respectively for a cup of pour over might be high, but knowing the quality of the beans and the base cost, I found it very refreshing that Hong Kong is securing some pretty scarce and high quality beans. The prep work and the way the cups were warmed as the coffee was being served was first class all the way. All in all I was positively surprised that on this most up and coming area of HK that there is a very legit coffee place, and I hope the first of many.

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