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Lord Windsor Coffee Roasters | Long Beach, CA

on November 18 | in California, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Favorite, Long Beach | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 77.5%

Service: 82.5%

Vibe: 85%



Wade and Lindsay Windsor opened this café on April 17th, 2012. (Hence the name “Lord Windsor”. They are originally from the SF Bay area and they are coffee aficionados. They were avid home roasters.

That explains the Diedrich coffee roaster that sits at the back of Lord Windsor. Diedrich itself is a great story because one brother is a roasting equipment manufacturer and another brother is the owner operator of Keane Coffee of Newport Beach fame.

Lord Windsor is on the North East corner of 3’rd Street and Cerritos in Long Beach. Long Beach has always been less main line establishment and more edgy and artsy. Now they have an emerging coffee scene to match.

Lord Windsor is a good one. My first day, I had their Ethiopian single origin. That was quite delightful and a balanced fruity. They were dosing 19 grams. The next day I went back, the espresso was a Columbian/Mexican mix. That one was a bit dark and acidic. The difference was totally in the beans. They have a Linea and their porta-filters are spouted rather than naked. They weigh each dose and weigh the amount of each extraction.

The atmosphere is made warm by its brick wall on one side. The counter is a sit down low counter and seems very relaxed. They also have one table for group seating and some outdoor seating.

BTW, RJ their barista is getting married Nov 2’nd but ongoing if you are there congratulate him on this anniversary.

When near or in Long Beach, GO. It’s a great place to relax.

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