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Makai Coffee | Long Beach, CA

on November 18 | in California, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Long Beach | by | with No Comments



The have the only Strada in Long Beach. It is a modernized café with a bit of brick for coziness and a contemporary feel otherwise. They are currently serving Rose Park beans. The Strada is not as dialed in as it can be or they might be setting different standards. My Rose Park 18 gram dose was a bit light.

However, the 2 baristas were very well informed, friendly and can geek about coffee. But they are not the owner so there might be differences in philosophy in terms of setting up differing timing and profiles for various different beans. They were however super friendly and welcomed all my geeky questions.

The place is warm with east side sun coming through the windows. They are more of a sit and do your own thing type of café that is comfortable. Of the 5 places that I visited in Long Beach on this trip, I felt the coffee here is good but I just felt it was missing a bit of soul.

If you are up for just a cup of joe or to do some work, that will not matter as much.

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