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Maverick Coffee | Scottsdale – Phoenix, AZ

on July 25 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Phoenix | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 70%

Service: 80%

Vibe: 85%




Maverick Coffee in Scottsdale has one of the most relaxed designs that make you just want to stay.   They use a lot of plumbing inspired furniture with wood tops and just gives it a cool vibe.  They also serve coffee with a small wood tray with so bubbly seltzer water and that is such a good touch. Being a part of a retail strip center at first glance on the outside one would not think of this as a cool space to go into.   But it is.   The coffee is good and atmosphere relaxed with many tables to sit at by oneself or in community on some of their longer common tables.   The coffee is good but still a bit darker roast for my personal taste. But with any milk combinations like a cortado or latte, the espresso extraction actually blends very nicely with. For extended hanging around, this is a great place to go.

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