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Oddfellows | Bishops Arts – Dallas, TX

on November 11 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Dallas, Texas | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 60%

Service: 70%

Vibe: 80%

1 Cappuccino, 2 Espressos, 2 Short Macchiatos - 2 Visits



When they announced that they were getting a Strada, I was all excited.  Once installed, I went to Oak Cliff twice to give it a go.  Their beans are from Cuvee in Austin.

The downside was that the machine was not quite tuned and both times the shot was very thin and pale.  Now I am being picky and comparing this experience with some of my other experiences from Seattle and SF. However having said this, by Dallas standards, this is pretty good stuff. Just not quite there yet.

What is lacking in Dallas are an existing pool of well trained baristas. Their barista tried to pull some additional shots, but it was not even up to his standard. But I am very hopeful.  There is a developing coffee culture in Dallas and it is improving all the time.

Oddfellows makes good coffee, and is a fun place to go.  It is in the heart of Boshop Arts in Oak Cliff and its a hard combo to beat.  All in all, it is worth the drive and there is more than enough to wander around after being fueled up.

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