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Pallet | Grandview/Woodlands – Vancouver

on September 11 | in Canada, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Vancouver | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 75%

Service: 80%

Vibe: 90%



LOL, I had read about this new coffee shop and set my sights on going. On my first try, they were closed already by 4:30pm when I got there around 5pm. My bad! Next try, yelp said they were open, but at the door was a sign that they were off on a holiday.   You’ve heard the saying that 3’rd time is a charm, indeed we finally did get in on the third try.   What a relief and we were excited to be there. Pallet did not disappoint.   Through the store one can see the roasting operations thru the glass behind and slightly below.   The coffee shop itself is divided into 2 levels and the décor was done very nicely.   Accompanying my fine cups of various espresso based drinks (on my third try, I was just going to load up) were tasty pastries and baked goods.   They also make savory items. My coffees were well pressed and extracted.   It was all worth the wait.

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