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Prado | Commercial – Vancouver, BC

on May 23 | in Canada, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Vancouver | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 82.5%

Service: 80%

Vibe: 82.5%



“Run by 4 time World Barista Championship finalist Sammy Piccolo”.   That is their calling card, and it is front and center on their old website.  Their new one is very clean and simple and just has their address.


They too serve 49th Parallel coffee beans.   They are good beans but not all the shops carry their different varieties.   They have Epic and Old School, 2 espresso bean types.   On the day that I went, it was Old School.


The place is actually very small and very cute.  It’s like a small version of Four Barrel sans boar heads.   The music is played on vinyl’s, and right in front is a beautiful Kees Mirage Veloce.  Even that name sounds cool.   And it is beautiful to look at and it actually pulls a great shot.   But dialed in Kees machines always do.


So a cool spot on Commercial where there are tons of coffee houses, with a barista champ and a great machine.  There is no down side in trying the place unless you have to have something other than 49th Parallel beans.

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