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Propaganda Coffee| China Town – Vancouver

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Coffee: 80%

Service: 82.5%

Vibe: 85%





The hipness of Gastown is moving east and thus Chinatown is starting to see some early effects of modernization and change.   I have bittersweet thoughts regarding this. The immigrants of old from south China who came and hung out in this enclave are not necessarily the ones that are benefiting the modernization.   Some of them remain the older generation of Toisan (Taishan) Chinese from Guangdong Province who still operate their little mixed goods retail stores.   The good Chinese food restaurants have all migrated to the modern metro areas like Burnaby and Richmond.   What is left in Chinatown is kind of a snap shot of something in the 60’s.   But change is inevitable and thus in the heart of Chinatown is now a hipster coffee house.   Propaganda is a less than year old (Est. Spring 2015) and is a roomy and comfy coffee shop with friendly staff and good coffee (Elysian).  It is one of the places that you will not see the typical espresso machine, they have a “Modbar” under-counter espresso machine that is seldom seen. Design wise, it is not as polished as Timbertrain or as rustic as Revolver. It’s kind of like a dressed down Matchstick coffee design wise. While the older Chinese will still prefer their Hong Kong style milk tea and coffee with condensed milk, it is good to see that there are places now where young people will come in and hang out. This is pretty close to Gastown so easily within a car ride.

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