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Rabbit Hole Coffee Roaster | Wan Chai – Hong Kong

on November 18 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Favorite, Hong Kong, International | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 82.5%

Service: 90%

Vibe: 85%

2 Short Macchiatos, 1 Piccolo, 1 Cappuccino



Rabbit Hole uses a 2 group Synesso with Naked port-filters. They dose 18 grams and we had 3 choices of espresso beans. Tanzanian, Brazilian, Panamanian. I liked the Tanzanian most, the Panamanian the least. Connie the barista came from Cafe Corridor and was very pleasant. When she was done with the rush, she came out to the back patio to talk to me because as she said, few people look at the milk, the beans, the machine, ask about dosing, and stretch their necks to stare at the extraction. She was very knowledgeable with coffee and loves coffee herself. She had been to quite a few of the key third wave coffee houses and knew the owners and baristas. Felix Wong owns the Rabbit Hole and a few other cafes, but Connie markets the Rabbit Hole in many ways. One is her drawing out the menu in chalk on an A frame blackboard that is put outside. She also colors her hair each month a different color because people will remember to come back just to see what color her hair is. Now that is just an awesome spirit. I liked the place even though parking is impossible. But it is close enough to Central to walk there. I would recommend this shop. Although they serve food, they are a coffee shop first and foremost. They also have an offsite roasting operation in Kwun Tong. But their Wanchai location is pretty easy access.

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