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Southside | Montrose 4th Ward – Houston TX

on September 17 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Houston | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 85%

Service: 90%

Vibe: 85%



The closer one comes to Ethiopia, the closer to the origins of the coffee bean. It does not mean that coffee is better, it is just a particular Sub-African continent hint of commonality but with substantive differences.   Not often do I get to eat or drink something that I have not had before, here at Southside their particular choice of espresso roast the day I visited was from the war torn and politically unstable county of Yemen.   Southside is owned by a long time Houston roaster Sean Marshall under the Fusion Bean label. I had a lovely shot of espresso. Fruity, blackberry, with hints of orange like with some caramel and chocolate undertones, the shot was extracted slowly, and it yielded closer to a ristretto. The shot was flavorful, bold, but not bitter. The bean was not over roasted and the final product brought out a great balance of flavors. The store is comfortable and unassuming. The staff was knowledgeable and respectful of the shot.   I enjoyed my visit very much and would not hesitate to go again. This is a must go in Houston since it is 1 block away from the other must go Blacksmith Coffee.

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