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The Refinery | Santa Monica – Los Angeles, CA

on February 21 | in California, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Los Angeles | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 75%

Service: 70%

Vibe: 80%

1 Espresso, 1 Short Macchiato - 1 Visit



The Refinery is a coffee shop located in Santa Monica Blvd and 4th. This is pretty close to ground central in Santa Monica and fairly easy to get to.

They use a Synesso and use Ritual Beans.  The day I got there, they had just finished some training with Baristas from Ritual.

I like the concept that Baristas in emerging coffee cities need to be provided training.

Their baristas knew something a little more about coffee than most. But can still improve.

Their set up and design is very clean and modern. I was disappointed that my doppio was dosed to be 17 grams.   It was probably less than that for the barista never let the grounds mound up to the top of the porta filter before romoving the excess.   It was 3-4mm below the top,

None the less, the coffee flavor was distinctly Ritual and I was happy to have gone by.

All in all this is a good spot for coffee in this part of town.  The one negative is parking. Its tough there to find a space. Read the signs. They tow and dispense tickets generously in Santa Monica.

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