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The Wild Detectives | Oak Cliff – Dallas, TX

on July 14 | in Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Dallas, Texas | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 70%

Service: 80%

Vibe: 90%



This is a mid-block off the center of Bishop Arts district house that has been converted into an eclectic bookstore, wine bar, local draft and brews, brewed coffee and espresso, and pastries and cheese amalgamation.

And it works really well.

There are so many places to sit. Out front, in the backyard, inside.   The whole place is done up super nicely and its obvious that Dallas has found the place. It was packed.

While the coffee is from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters which is ok, there are familiar faces that I recognized.   Earnest from No/1 Café in Highland Park is one of the Baristas. He knows his craft.

In Oak Cliff, there is Davis Street which is open for limited retail hours, Oddfellows which is a restaurant with a coffee program but now you have a lounge that you can really hang out at no matter what you enjoy. They even have pie from Emporium Pies! This is a great one stop and stay for a while place!

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