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Thinking Cup | Downtown – Boston, MA

on September 12 | in Boston, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Massachusetts | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 83%

Service: 70%

Vibe: 78%

2 Short Macchiatos



Because it is located at the edge of Boston Commons, it is easy to get to. Because it is at Boston Commons, when I ordered a Macchiato, they had to tell me that theirs is a small cup.

Thinking cup serves great coffee but because the coffee culture in Boston is young and ever changing, they have to approach this drink in this manner.

This is not really their fault.

They use Stumptown Roaster beans and they do a good job with a La Marzocco FB-70.

It was summer when I went and this place was packed. The downside was that the AC never caught up with the crowds and it was warm inside.

But without going out to the burbs and with proximity to the center of town, Thinking Cup is a good place to get a great cup of coffee

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