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Timbertrain | Gastown – Vancouver, BC

on July 12 | in Canada, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Vancouver | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 80%

Service: 82.5%

Vibe: 87.5%

2 Espressos, 1 Cortado



This is a new coffee house in Gastown and yes there are many coffee shops there that are worthy competitors. There is one reason you should check this place out, and that is about their attitude of constantly striving to be better at their game. You can see it in their design. The shop uses ample sheet metal, raw steel that is clear coated smooth. They have innovative seating (not sure how practical) where people can sit on the inside of bench seats and face each other. The design of the coffee bar is first rate. The materials are well thought out and the equipment first rate. In particular I like the flat or bubbly water dispensary at the end of the coffee bar. That is another nice touch. I can chose and refill to my hearts delight. 

This is the second store of a bunch of young entrepreneurs that have already gone the traditional business route and now have ventured together for the love of coffee and the pursuit of excellence. As for the coffee, I sampled 2 espressos that are roasted in house. One was Brazilian and the other Columbian. They as expected were very distinctive. Both a bit dark for my preference but very well executed. The staff there were very friendly. Have to say that around downtown Gastown, this and Revolver are must visits.

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