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Wicked Café | Grandview Slopes – Vancouver, BC

on August 1 | in Canada, Coffee & Cafe Reviews, Vancouver | by | with No Comments

Coffee: 60%

Service: 60%

Vibe: 70%



If one uses Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso, it should be an automatic hit correct? Not if the baristas are not well trained and the milk is treated as a stepchild.

My macchiato and cortado were basically left mostly untouched. And I love Intelligentsia beans. They were the ones that hooked me on espresso 8 plus years ago.

This shows you how much impact to the final product your barista has. Wicked had a decent machine and used good beans. But the result was really poor. In any other city, this would pass, but this after-all is Vancouver and this city rocks with some great coffee houses.

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